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See to it that he's offered a chance to wash up first, if he so desires, and that refreshments are available to him. Drive while we fight, so we can be done with that when we arrive and ready for more interesting pastimes.

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 Why PhynxLabs?

We at Phynxlabs provide top notch Security Services ranging from Code Review, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment and IT Security Consultancy. With a team of formidable Veterans whose expertise in IT Security remains unquestioned, we help to address security loopholes, if left unattended to would result into attacks that will affect your business directly.


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“PhynxLabs applied themsleves professionally and tirelessly to testing our market-leading web application. The results were presented clearly, on time and on budget. We will work together in the future.”

-Taiwo Pelumi, CTO Conarco OptimiX

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Said he guessed he wouldn't go to-night, but we could have his dog if we wanted him.

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Files all in order, no signs of hasty evacuation, enemy action, or last-minute confusion. Far too much had happened to me, far too swiftly. Like after their mother gives birth to eight or ten of them at once, they turn on her and eat her alive!

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